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Greg Kurstin Chooses “Eden LT-386” Microphone for New Maren Morris Record

Hit-making producer reveals ‘Eden LT-386’ mic used on all Morris’ vocals; plus acoustic guitar, and drums

Country music superstar Maren Morris has released her third studio album titled “Humble Quest” (Columbia Nashville) with Grammy® award-winning producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters), recording all of the vocals and many other sources with one of his two Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 microphones.

Detailing the simple yet effective recording setup he used for Morris, Kurstin explained,

"I didn’t have any of the outboard mic pres or compressors that are in my LA studio…so all of Maren’s vocals…the acoustic guitar, and some of the drum kit…were [recorded] right into the Lauten Eden mic and [a] Universal Audio Apollo."

In its first week, “Humble Quest” hit #2 on the Billboard Country Album chart and broke the Amazon Music record for first-day and first-week streams by a female country music artist.

“[The Eden was] used on all of Maren’s vocals, and [all] my acoustic guitars on the album except for one song, Detour. I have a small studio in Hawaii where the Lauten [Eden] is my main mic, so that’s what I had and it sounded great!” revealed Kurstin. “I love the mics… My main studio is in LA, and I have my other Eden on drums most of the time.”

Maren Morris is currently on tour supporting her “Humble Quest” album through October 13, when she performs at the Hollywood Bowl.

Greg Kurstin is a Grammy award-winning producer and songwriter renowned for his work with music legends Adele, Beck, Paul McCartney, and The Foo Fighters.

For more information about Maren Morris visit:

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