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DRUMS: A Recording Experience With Darrell Thorp And Joey Waronker At Studio 606

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

New in-depth documentary explores the art of people, percussion, and prolific sound

Behind the closed doors of Studio 606, 10x Grammy-Award-Winning Engineer Darrell Thorp (Foo Fighters/ Beck) talks with old friends while he sets up microphones on a taped-up, unassuming Pearl drum set belonging to his long-time friend, Joey Waronker (Beck/Elliott Smith). The drum set is already familiar to Thorp, as it’s the same set he recorded Waronker on for Beck’s textural masterpiece, Chemtrails, 15 years prior.

DRUMS is a documentary film from Lauten Audio that provides a uniquely intimate and uncensored look at the relationships and processes behind making a great record, starting with the drums. Among friends finishing each other's sentences, you’ll experience stories, thoughts, and origins of how these industry titans learn and work to create the sounds of hit records. DRUMS is not a ‘how-to’ video; it is an intimate look at what it’s like to work side-by-side with music legends in one of the world’s most revered recording studios, Dave Grohl’s Studio 606.

Download the Pro Tools session files from DRUMS

Lauten Audio microphones used in the documentary

LA-120 V2 - Hi Hat / Snare Bottom

LA-220 V2 - Stereo Overheads

LA-320 V2 - Stereo Drum Room

LS-208 - Kick in / Snare Top

LS-308 - Toms

Clarion FC-357 - Kick Out

Atlantis FC-387 - Mono Room

Eden LT-386 - Mono Overhead

Darrell Thorp and Joey Waronker are both long-time Lauten Audio users. You can watch their personal video testimonials and more at the link below

About Darrell Thorp

Darrell Thorp is a 10x Grammy-Award winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer based in Los Angeles, California. Thorp is best-known for his work with The Foo Fighters, Beck, Outkast, Radiohead, R.E.M, Twenty One Pilots and Paul McCartney.

About Joey Waronker

Joey Waronker is an acclaimed Drummer and Music Producer based in Los Angeles, California. Waronker’s notable works include recording and touring with some of music’s most innovative artists, including Beck, R.E.M, Roger Waters, and many more.

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